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ILC South Africa Associate Jaco Hoffman Co-director

Former ILCSA Associate Jaco Hoffman returned to South Africa at the end of 2014 from a 10-year stay at Oxford University in the UK, where he continues to hold the position of James Martin Senior Research Fellow in the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing. Jaco has worked in the field of ageing for more than two decades: nationally, regionally and globally. He has been appointed as Research Professor and head of the Optentia Research Focus Area: Ageing and Generational Dynamics in Africa at North-West University’s Vanderbijlpark campus, outside Johannesburg. An inter-institutional partnership has been entered between North-West University and the University of Cape Town whereby ILC South Africa is now hosted and operated jointly on the two campuses.  Under the partnership, Jaco Hoffman and Sebastiana Kalula are Co-Directors of ILCSA.  Email: jaco.hoffman@nwu.ac.za


Photo: Former ILCSA President Monica Ferreira and Jaco Hoffman at the opening of a "Celebrating Care" conference in Stellenbosch in October 2014


Public Health Global Challenge Conference, April 2015

Dr Sebastiana Kalula participated in the 2015 Public Health Global Challenge Conference of the World University Network (WUN) on “Healthy Ageing – Researching a Life Course Approach,” held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong on April 25-30, 2015. WUN is a leading global higher education and research network, and recently listed ageing as a global challenge. A platform was created in the conference for collaborative research in this field.


4th Berlin Demography Forum, March 2015

Dr Sebastiana Kalula participated in the 4th Berlin Demography Forum held in Berlin, Germany on March 18-20, 2015. The theme of the forum was “Activity – Health – Participation." She was a panelist in a discussion on “A Global Comparison on Healthy Aging” convened by Dr Ursula Staudinger and Dr Axel Borsch-Supan, the Presidents of ILC USA and ILC Germany, respectively. The panel discussion formed part of an ongoing multi-centre project investigating the "Health Effects of Retirement” in ILC Global Alliance participating countries. The project aims to shed light on the impact of age at retirement on health in the countries. Information on the project’s activities and members is available at online.

Photo: Panelists representing ILCs in the discussion on healthy ageing in Berlin. Dr Kalula is on the far right.