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ILCSA is operated at two sites: the University of Cape Town (UCT) (Sebastiana Kalula) and North West University (NWU) (Jaco Hoffman). Recent activities at the two sites described below represent the combined output of ILCSA.

At North West University

Developing the long-term care economy in Gauteng, South Africa: Expanding opportunities for work and equality

A strategy for a long-term care (LTC) economy in Gauteng, South Africa’s province in which Johannesburg and Pretoria are located, was developed in a meeting convened by Jaco Hoffman, Prof. Isabella Aboderin (African Population and Health Research Centre, Kenya) and Prof. Anne Margriet Pot (WHO, Geneva), held at NWU on March 5-6, 2018. Over 100 academicians, policy makers, and representatives of the UN, the African Union, civil society and the private sector participated in the multi-disciplinary Research-Policy-Practice (RPP) Dialogue to clarify a case for an LTC economy and to assess the potential for one in Gauteng. The core question discussed was whether LTC for older persons in need of care as well as other persons with care dependencies provides employment opportunities for younger persons in the province. A well-developed LTC economy could foster enhanced quality of care for the growing number of older care recipients, as well as forge job growth.

A six-point short-term (2018–2020) strategy developed in the dialogue comprises:

  1. A situational analysis, including i) a needs assessment of  LTC, ii) a mapping of the current landscape of LTC service provision and financing, and iii) a mapping of potential platforms for LTC service expansion.
  2. The governance and coordination of an LTC economy in Gauteng.
  3. The unemployment and care interface.
  4. Training, accreditation, regulation and registration of long-term caregivers.
  5. A monitoring and evaluation framework.
  6. Resourcing of an action plan.

    Click here for additional information.


    UN (INIA) / ILCSA Training Course: Introduction to Social Gerontology in (South) Africa

    A training course in Social Gerontology in South Africa was offered by the UN (Malta) International Institute of Ageing (INIA) and convened by ILCSA, the South African Gerontological Association and the national Department of Social Development and held at North West University on March 12-14, 2018. Seventeen senior policy makers and managers of care facilities for older persons attended the course, which was taught by eight lecturers, including Professors Marvin Formosa (Malta), Isabella Aboderin (Kenya) (Isabella is an ILCSA associate) and Jaco Hoffman. Click here for additional information.

    Photo: Seventeen participants in the training course received a Certificate of Attendance. Jaco Hoffman is on the far left.


    Jaco Hoffman, a James Martin Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing (OIPA), is currently spending a three month sojourn at the OIPA at Oxford University, UK. While there, he has engaged in the following activities:


    Jaco participated in the CommonAge Elders Forum held in conjunction with the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), on April 16-18. He joined Dr John Beard (WHO, Geneva) and Prof. Julienne Meyer (Professor of Nursing: Care for Older People, University of London, UK) in a panel discussion. Click here to see the full programme and here to see some media coverage.


    Jaco convened the Trinity Term 2018 Seminar Series "Leave no one behind" – Sustainable Development Goals, Ageing and Global Development, held at OIPA from April 26 to June 14. The series offered eight seminars on topics relevant to ageing and dividends of sustainable development intervention across the life course to benefit persons in old age. The lectures, given by international scholars, policy makers and practitioners, addressed strategies for older persons’ visibility and inclusion in the SDGs; healthy ageing and a need for LTC systems; gender and rights; ending violence against children; inclusivity of older persons in government policies; the measurement of multidimensional poverty; age disaggregated statistics; and child poverty and later livelihoods. Forging the inclusion of older persons in the SDGs is a key focus at ILCSA. For more in information on the OIPA seminar series, click here.

    At the University of Cape Town

    Summit in Celebration of Families

    Sebastiana participated in the Family Summit in Celebration of the International Day for Families, in Johannesburg on May 30-31. The summit was convened by the national Ministry of Social Development. Her presentation was entitled “Care and support for people with disabilities and older persons, in response to families.” Click here to read the Concept Paper for the Summit.

    Visiting Research Scholar

    Professor Sinfree Makoni, professor in Applied Linguistics and African Studies at Penn State University, USA, visited ILCSA for the month of May, where he worked with ILCSA researchers and other researchers on ageing in Cape Town, and gave lectures to three expert groups. Makoni has worked and published extensively with Monica Ferreira at ILCSA and the Institute of Ageing in Africa (IAA) over three decades. His research focus is on language in ageing, particularly in the presence of health conditions and disabilities, such as dementia, stroke, diabetes and epilepsy, and the effects of multilingualism in old age. Makoni initiated joint research projects to be conducted at ILCSA, the IAA and PSU during his sojourn in Cape Town. Click here for Makoni’s CV.

    Post-graduate Palliative Care course

    Sebastiana taught the Geriatric Care component in a Post-graduate Diploma in Palliative Medicine course held at UCT’s Health Sciences Faculty on June 4-8. The course, is aimed at creating awareness in doctors and other health professionals of  palliative care needs across the clinical platform.